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Basic requirements:

  • .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • NuGet package manager. See below.
  • Access to desired Maria GDK Services.

Installation and maintenance of the services is described in Category:Service setup.

To be able to create applications utilizing the features of Maria GDK, you need to download one or more of the Maria GDK NuGet packages

About NuGet packages

Loading Maria GDK Packages

Maria GDK assemblies are added to your project(s) through NuGet packages with the NuGet package manager - available from the project popup menu.

Manage NuGet Packages

If you are working with several projects, you can also manage the NuGet packages commonly for all projects in your solution.

To access the packages, you need to define the Maria GDK package source (if not already set by nuget.congif files). Select the Settings (wheel button) to get the Package Manager Options page to create the source.

Maria GDK NuGet Package Sources

The Maria GDK Nuget packages are loaded from the Teleplan Globe support site. Use the following source:

Maria GDK Release
Maria GDK Nightly

Here you will find the available Maria GDK Nuget packages for download to your project(s), and also available updates when already installed.

Maria GDK NuGet Packages

Make sure that the Maria GDK version downloaded matches the Maria Services you are using.