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The selection fan category contains styling used for a selection fan that can be displayed when multiple tracks can be selected at the same point by clicking on the map.

<stylecategory name="SelectionFan"/>
      Style items


The value items at the root level of the style control the appearance of the actual fan control used to display the tracks:

<valueitem name="InnerFanBackgroundColor" value="255,255,255,0"/>
<valueitem name="OuterFanBackgroundColor" value="255,255,255,200"/>
<valueitem name="FanBackgroundColor" value="255,255,255,0"/>
<valueitem name="EmptySymbolColor" value="200,200,200,255"/>
<valueitem name="OuterFanOutlineColor" value="0,0,0,100"/>
<valueitem name="OuterOutlineThickness" value="1"/>
<valueitem name="MaxCount" value="10"/>  
<valueitem name="OutlineColor" value="0,0,0,100"/>
<valueitem name="OutlineThickness" value="2"/>
Name Description
InnerFanBackgroundColor The inner color of the background gradient color.
OuterFanBackgroundColor The outer color of the background gradient color.
FanBackgroundColor The center color of the selection fan.
EmptySymbolColor Color used for a track if no preview for it exists.
OuterFanOutlineColor The outer outline color.
OuterOutlineThickness Line thickness of outer outline.
OutlineColor The inner outline color.
OutlineThickness Line thickness of inner outline.
MaxCount Maximum number of tracks that the fan can show. If more than maximum number of tracks can be selected, the fan will not be shown. This is to prevent the fan from being overcrowded.


The composite item Selected controls the appearance of the selection rectangle for selected tracks in the fan:

<compositeitem name="Selected">    
  <valueitem name="Color" value="255,255,0,255"/>
  <valueitem name="Thickness" value="4.0"/>
Name Description
Color Color of selection rectangle.
Thickness Thickness of selection rectangle.


The composite item Label controls the appearance of the label that can be shown for the tracks in the fan:

<compositeitem name="Label">    
  <valueitem name="FontSize" value="10"/>
  <valueitem name="FontName" value="Verdana"/>
  <valueitem name="Bold" value="false"/>
  <valueitem name="Italic" value="false"/>
  <valueitem name="Color" value="50,50,50,155"/>
  <valueitem name="Background" value="255,255,255,127"/>        
  <valueitem name="Show" value="false"/>
  <valueitem name="Fields" value="Name"/>
  <valueitem name="FieldSeparator" value="-"/>
Name Description
FontSize Font size.
FontName Font name.
Bold Sets bold label font. Values are true or false.
Italic Sets italic label font. Values are true or false.
Color Font color.
Background Color used as a background for the text to increase readability.
Show Sets the label visibility. Values are true or false.
Fields A comma separated list of track fields to show as the label.
FieldSeparator Character used to separate several fields when multiple fields are combined into one label.