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The tooltip category contains styling used for a tooltip that can be displayed when the mouse pointer is over a track.

<stylecategory name="Tooltip"/>
      Style items


The root level value items of the style controls the tooltip's appearance:

<valueitem name="ShowDelay" value="500"/>
<valueitem name="HideDelay" value="5000"/>
<valueitem name="TopBackgroundColor" value="255,255,255,255"/>
<valueitem name="BottomBackgroundColor" value="228,228,240,255"/>
<valueitem name="OutlineColor" value="0,0,0"/>
<valueitem name="OutlineThickness" value="1"/>
<valueitem name="FontColor" value="0,0,0"/>
<valueitem name="FontFamilyName" value="Segoe UI"/>
<valueitem name="FontSize" value="10"/>
Name Description
ShowDelay Delay in milliseconds before the tooltip is shown.
HideDelay Delay in milliseconds before the tooltip is hidden.
TopBackgroundColor The top color of the background gradient color.
BottomBackgroundColor The bottom color of the background gradient color.
OutlineColor The outline color.
OutlineThickness Line thickness of the outline.
FontColor Font color.
FontFamilyName Font name.
FontSize Font size.


The tooltip can have multiple lines of text where each line is defined by a composite item which starts with the name TooltipLine:

<compositeitem name="TooltipLine1">
  <valueitem name="Label" value="Name:"/>
  <valueitem name="Fields" value="Name"/>
  <valueitem name="FieldSeparator" value="-"/>
Name Description
Label An optional label to show for the tooltip line.
Fields A comma separated list of track fields to show as the tooltip line.
FieldSeparator Character used to separate several fields when multiple fields are combined into one tooltip line.